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book launch for Women and Clothes at gravitypope > SEPTEMBER 18

Women in Clothes is a book unlike any you have seen before. Part personal memoir, part sartorial guide, it incorporates the view from hundreds of women of all nationalities—famous, anonymous, married, single, young, and old—of our clothing, and how the garments we put on each day define and shape us.

It starts with a survey. The editors composed a list of more than fifty questions, all designed to prompt women to think more deeply about their personal style: With whom do you talk about clothes? Did anyone ever say anything to you that made you see yourself differently, on a physical and especially sartorial level? Do you think you have taste or style? Which one is more important? Accompanying these responses are interviews, essays, photographs, and illustrations—contributed by writers, artists, and cognoscenti, including Cindy Sherman, Eileen Myles, Rachel Kushner, Miranda July, and Molly Ringwald—that plumb the aspects of body image and self-esteem, which are so integral to what women wear.

What we choose to put on our bodies may seem simple—but clothing can give us confidence, remind us of childhood, change our mood, act as armour or disguise, or become the tool by which we reinvent ourselves. Women in Clothes is a rich exploration of the power of women’s stylistic choices, lending humour and depth to the attention we pay to clothes.

Come celebrate this groundbreaking assemblage of interviews, photographs, illustrations and meditations. Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, Leanne Shapton, and 639 other contributors of diverse backgrounds explore the myriad ways in which women relate to the clothing they wear.

CLOTHING SWAP > Bring up to 5 laundered items to swap, with your name and a little story abut the item safety-pinned to the garment. All unclaimed pieces will be donated to Sistering, a local women's organization.

Thursday, September 18 2014 > 7pm-9pm
gravitypope, 1010 Queen Street West
Type will be selling copies of the new book on site

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