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reading from Me and My So-Called Friends > FEB 7

When a teen girl is left alone without any friends, it’s like nothing else matters.

It’s August and 15-year-old Lizzie Stein has returned from camp to start ninth grade. The moment she steps foot onto her pink plush rug in her bedroom and tries to reconnect with her three best friends, she begins to realize that they suddenly don’t seem like the friends she used to know. Then there’s math class that makes her all dizzy while keeping her stomach turned into the perfect knot! One night at a party, Lizzie meets the guy of her dreams but ends up being ridiculed by her so-called friends, and they won’t let her get away with what she has done—and to whom. How far will Lizzie’s so-called friends go to punish her? How much can she take? Who will show up during all of this turmoil to help her get back on her feet?

Reading from Me and my So-Called Friends
by author Sharon Neiss-Arbess
Type Books, 427 Spadina Road (Forest Hill)
Sunday, February 7 > 2pm-3pm